“How to” Dog Grooming Instructional Video Teddy Bear Trim for ANY DOG

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If you have ever paid too much for a groom or just want to never have to leave your “baby” all day at a groomers again, YOU NEED THIS VIDEO! It will pay for itself with just one use and your dog will love you for it!

Grooming your own pet makes for great bonding as well.

Why not give it as a gift to a friend or family member who has a dog or new puppy?

About me: I am the instructor on all of the Muddy Creek Grooming Videos.  I am a certified All-Breed Pet Groomer.  I graduated from the Colorado School of Dog Grooming and Canine Trainers in November of 1988.  I owned my own pet shoppe and extremely successful grooming salon from 1987 to 2001.  I have trained many apprentices who have gone on to very successful grooming careers as well.  My areas of expertise are Dog and Cat psychology, dog training, agility, obedience training, as well as breeding and showing my poodles. 

About the Video:  These are REAL dogs who are coming into a REAL grooming shop to be groomed.  You will see the handling methods I use, my clipping and scissoring techniques and what equipment I use for what purposes.  All the videos start with a presentation on my equipment and explanation of how it’s used.

I have a real live camera operator who zooms in on what I’m doing so you can see it clearly!

In MY videos I have wiped out the original audio after hearing complaints about other videos and their annoying back ground noises.  I have NO clipper or dryer sounds in the background, and no barking dogs to distract you.  Digitally re-mastered to have just  soft music behind a clear, easy to understand “voice over”. No more straining to hear or understand the grooming instructions!!!

This video is easy to follow and very informative. I provide simple, personalized, expert instruction on all aspects of grooming your pet as well as things you would need to know to groom ANY BREED! I have had customers tell me that they learned much more from my videos than they did from the other grooming videos out there.

I demonstrate a short, easy to maintain TEDDY BEAR trim on a Shih Tzu and also on a Poodle/Pomeranian Mix so you can see how to do either a straight or a curly coated dogs.  THIS TRIM CAN BE DONE ON ANY DOG!  I have had customers tell me that they learned much more from my videos than they did from the “big name” videos.

In this video I show you how to clean your dog’s ear canals, trim their nails, shave their feet, faces and potty path, bathe, dry, comb, clipper & scissor techniques how to drain anal glands.  All this in the comfort of your own home and at a pace YOU set.



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